Leslieville Feldenkrais


There is no judgement. There is no competition. There is no such thing as doing it properly. There is no such thing as something to be achieved. To me, this method is so hopeful. No matter how incapacitated a person gets physically, there is always something that can be done in the imagination or in a part of the body that doesn’t feel pain.

– Elizabeth Evans


Illustrations by Jori Baldwin

The ATM classes have been immensely useful to me and have lasting effects. In order to avoid knee surgery, I was told I would have to learn to walk again (differently). Feldenkrais FI and ATMs together have made that possible over time. Every class, no matter which, leaves me feeling looser, straighter, more flexible, more at ease in my body.

L. Hutcheon, University Professor Emeritus, U of T

No matter what I’m doing – singing, dancing, walking down the street, lying in bed – I regularly find myself using what I’ve learned at Maria’s ATM lessons. Getting rid of old habits of posture and movement has been way easier with Feldenkrais technique and the understanding it’s given me of body structure and, in particular, how the skeleton is put together. The result has been more freedom of movement with less effort.

– Andrea Johnston: writer, singer, dancer

It’s all a process. The lasting effects are marvellous in increased mobility and decreased anxiety. Classes are always a pleasure, and often a surprise, taking me to places I had not anticipated. I especially appreciate your invitation to do whatever we feel comfortable with, to let go of the compulsion to work. Always I feel the sense that this is my time, to do with what I wish.

– Kathleen Rockhill, retired professor

I was much more aware of all the minute processes that my body uses to, say, walk or move my eyes from left to right over a page. That awareness in turn helped me to move more efficiently and be kinder in what I asked of my body. I was able to spend time at my desk with much less discomfort. Posture issues and eye strain got much better.

– R.R. Production Project Manager

Since the first class Feldenkrais has brought multiple benefits throughout my whole being, not only physical and postural but in the form of improved memory, and freedom from aches and pains that – as a senior – I used to get. Wherever I go, everybody admires my flexibility. My endurance for physical activity, household chores and dancing feels endless, my memory and my vision are much better than before I became a regular student. I understand my body much better after every class.

– M. Vargas R.N., Childbirth Educator